Simon Julius Jorgensen




Simon regards rock band The White Stripes as style inspiration wearing red, white and black. “I've always thought that was a cool colour combination. Ever since buying my own clothes.” Turning sixteen his choice became a union of favourite colours and comfortable fabrics such as lumberjack shirts, soft but sturdy.


A significant piece featured is the leather backpack received from Coach after walking their show during London Men’s Collection June 2016. “I try to use it as often as possible without being unreasonable.” The Library run as a prime example “Sweet I can use this bag now, put those 5 books I need to hand in because they are overdue and do it in style.” For Simon it’s more than just a memory it signifies accomplishment, being present and having something to show. “This was the first season in London where I wasn’t Burberry Exclusive. I had to work for it, this wasn’t just served on a silver platter now. I had to do castings, present myself, put in actual effort. That’s rewarding to get something more than a pay check or quick Instagram update.” He goes on to describe the design as making it a firm favourite in his arsenal “I’ve studied a lot of anatomy in physiotherapy. Its cool it’s not a typical valentines heart, you can see the veins and arteries. That was the reason I took the bag, for the detail I noticed. It’s raw.”

As a student of Physiotherapy at University College Lillebaelt in Denmark style appreciation comes from practicality “I like the way people dress at physiotherapy because it’s about exercise and being healthy. So many of the looks are sporty without actively working out. Moving around is easy. Its form fitting.” In terms of peer influence he looks closer “I don’t look at other models, what they are wearing or think about the latest trend. I look to people in my inner circle to take inspiration from like Alistair Waterfield. He’s always wearing nice shoes.”

Working in the industry a sense of awareness has developed “Before I didn’t know much about the industry. I could name drop a few brands that would be it. Now when I’m looking at clothes I think more about materials. Is it made properly? Not just let’s get the cheapest one. I have become quality-minded.” Respecting creative individuality in those he works with “I like people who want do something that’s unique and care, being part of somebody’s dream in creating. It’s not just about a show, it’s about a shirt designed after an idea worked on for a long time, being the body that puts it on. When you are in the studio they have given their blood, sweat and tears to get it made, it’s finally there. They are taking a picture and that close to the finish line. Working with people who love their job, that makes me love mine.”

Good style in others suggests confidence “When you see someone, they may have been saving up for that one jacket. It was a bit too expensive maybe, but they really like the detail. For them they worked hard to get it, now they are gonna wear that and walk with it. That is attractive not necessarily because they have a style I like, but they enjoy it and live up to that.”

Looking to the future Simon remains humble about his experience so far “I expected yeh let’s do this for a couple of months, check it out and go back to school. Every time for fashion week its hell on earth going to castings, but when you get to the fittings and meet the designers it’s worth it. This is the time of the year they get to show their craft.”