An Introduction


Through this series I sought to tell the story of each model revealing honest insight into their character and life experience, discussing how their sense of style has developed and where the influences for this came from. The models chosen embrace a variety of backgrounds and span the age spectrum from teenage to adult male. Here I introduce Richard Biedul, David Yang, Vlad Blagorodnov, Alistair Waterfield, Giosue Napolitano and Simon Julius Jorgensen. Through my work shooting the International Men’s Collections I encountered each of them. Whether in the street, backstage or by chance during my travels I knew each had a story I wanted to tell. Through personal recorded conversations I was able to translate this from pen to page with photoshoots in Denmark, Italy and the U.K. This series is a true collaboration. Individually and collectively I would like to thank them for their gracious attitude. Special Thanks to Charlie-Max Baldwin & Anna Buhl Christensen for their work as Makeup Artists. Credit to Georgia Ramman as MUA to Richard Biedul and Alistair Waterfield.