Giosue Napolitano



Growing up Giosue’s mother didn't allow him out like other kids in the neighbourhood. Looking to the internet he researched fashion on visual platforms like Tumblr instead "My little window to the world, the P.C. I wasn't so much affected by what was going on around me in this town because I wanted to go somewhere else. Sometimes I was weird, sometimes it was appreciated, but I just liked it in this way. So why not? And I knew that when I would be in Prague or elsewhere I would meet people that were like me."


"My parents both come from small towns, Italian town, Czech town. They have never been into fashion, a lot of times they criticise me for what I'm wearing. I'm strong enough to wear what I want to not mind them. Since I was 5th grade I choose my things myself." Sighting a colourful period one year "Kids were making a joke about me. Orange shoes, green socks, blue pants. It didn't work. If I look at the photo now I'm laughing as well."

Aged 19 he moved from an Italian way of life to a very different one "I change a lot when I moved from a small town to the Czech Republic because they are so open to American culture. There are not fierce about fashion niche. They have no culture of their own so they are influenced by American fashion and music. Italians are very proud of Italian style. All the kids in South Italy are stereotypical style wise. Hogan shoes, camel pants, Moncler, and a white shirt. I can appreciate that more upscale idea. Whereas others are more like Gomorrah, they want to try and keep it gangster but in a Neapolitan way."

Changing his views somewhat since becoming a model "I decided to understand more the brands, the moods, the subculture of people. Different brands take inspiration from different sub-cultures of people, what is viral in that moment. For example, Vetements is keeping that hipster culture. They do things you can find in vintage shops but make it high fashion. I wanted to do something similar so I also appreciate them." An Industry figure whose style he further appreciates is Photographer Giampaolo Sgura. Choosing him for a Vogue Germany shoot with the concept of behind the scenes at Marni, it was a memorable experience. "I want to do fashion design so I was happy to see how it all worked and how you create a collection. I like Marni for it's clean and futuristic aesthetic, whilst still keeping the classy mood their clients like. I enjoyed so much working with them all."

The favourite item from shooting? The leather jacket from his grandpa, the person who has shaped him and his sense of style the most. "He was always wearing it on the weekend, on Friday, meeting his friends in the pub, playing cards and drinking beers, he was wearing since I was a kid. He would come at eleven or midnight with this bad smell of cigarettes, and he was a bit drunk so he always used to give me money because maybe he won at cards. He would wear it on this occasion in the week or when he had to put the snow away, before the door. When I became big enough to wear it he gave it to me.” Grandpa came to see Giosue liked the clothes he didn't anymore. Inheriting further pieces he continues to keep them as wardrobe staples.

Finally stating there is no certain parameter to his style "I like to be surprised. You can find clothes where you could never imagine it would work this good. For example a sweater with a weird image, then you start to like it. Before you never thought you could."


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