Alistair Waterfield



The t-shirt and boots were given to him by his father, the driving force behind George Cox Footwear, an English Heritage Brand established by the family in 1906. The brand proved popular within the punk movement, archive photos of The Clash and Sex Pistols wearing the shoes are in abundance, whilst Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren were closely connected. This provided Alistair with “Insight into the fashion world from a young age.” Reflecting further he describes this insight as gaining an understanding of “Fashion on the edge, rather than everything you buy on the high street."


The boots retain enhanced living memory "My dad was testing the sole as a wear trial. I chose what the boots would look like, I wore them non-stop for a couple of months to make sure they worked.” Wearing them to art school, castings and fashion week “Basically if they are not trainers, they are George Cox. That’s the rule of thumb for me.” His mother having also been a Fashion Model holds a place of influence. “My mum has always been stylish, she’s always had a keen eye for style. I have found myself raiding both their wardrobes. I feel like many of the clothes are unisex anyway, fairly gender neutral. I’m quite an androgynous looking person so I get away with it.”

A benefit of fashion week can often be the gifted merchandise. Although he recognises this as an advertising opportunity for clients, it also supplies him with items to incorporate into his wardrobe. The Fendi t-shirt represents this circumstance, describing his choice after their SS17 show in Milan “I went for the yellow it’s quite bold, like me a bit eccentric. It meant I could use it as that one accenting piece to make it pop.”

In creating a look he aims to make a focal point "Normally it revolves around the shoes because that’s my story and the thing I can relate to the most.” Through customisation of clothes Alistair displays his artistic nature using bleach and print techniques to make pieces individual. “I like standing out now. I always used to be quite shy and wanted to blend in with everyone. Now I stopped caring about conforming, and for me being able to express myself as an artist means I can extend that to what I wear. If I can create something by taking an item and putting my own stamp on it that’s a cool thing to do.” Looking through charity shops to enable this practice he has picked up many pieces. Noting London as a rich source of inspiration “There is a goldmine for it." Exploring custom made ethic further he reveals “I did a shoot for Gucci and thought their collection was in line with taking something and making it your own. The clothes are decorated with other things stitched on or badges as a detail.” Dover Street Market is another big source of influence “That’s the top end and something to aim for. Some of my dad’s shoes are in there partnered with Comme des Garçons, looking at this means I can see the direction fashion is heading.”

Style in others signifies confidence “You can tell the difference between someone that’s wearing something and someone that’s owning it. That’s also part of my job, walking on a catwalk is not just to be a coat hanger for the clothes, it’s to show people how you live the brand. You have conviction.”

Through popular culture he has also found style inspiration describing himself as a Huge David Bowie Fan “His spectacular wardrobe was always something to aspire to. Probably not quite as out there as Man That Fell To Earth, but his sense of style was something I could take inspiration from.” Furthermore, the films of Wes Anderson “His sets and the props he uses are magnificent. If I were to buy a suit I want one that looks like it could fit seamlessly into one of his movies.”

Having embarked upon an Arts Degree at Central Saint Martins his major passion is Art. Demonstrating an extensive knowledge of contemporary artists, he lists Peter Lanyon, Oscar Murillo and David Shrigley as firm favourites who have influenced his sense of style through their work. "The imagery conjured by these people is just amazing." Sighting David as having the biggest impact on his customisation choices “I absolutely love his illustrations, he has a great sense of humour."

Despite luxury brand clients one element that remains the same is his outlook “Good style doesn’t mean spending a lot of money, it’s about picking things right for you.” Ultimately “I have developed now, no longer anonymous. I make a statement with what I wear.”


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